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The Last Lion: Volume 2: Winston Spencer Churchill–Alone

Winston Churchill's "Sinews of Peace"...

Winston Churchill’s “Sinews of Peace” address originated the term “Iron Curtain.” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This book by William Manchester is about Churchill during World War II. It is one of a three-volume work, the third volume being published this year. The book begins with the aftermath of WWI and particularly focuses on the demands made in the Treaty of Versailles. Not only did Germany face the realities of defeat, but also the heavy reparations payments exacted in the treaty.  At the opening of the book, Churchill is living off of what he makes as a writer and lecturer. He eventually gets into Parliament, but I am surprised at how small a following he has. Churchill is alone in his concerns about Hitler, and he has a lot of trouble convincing war-weary England that the country should not let its military guard down. I was surprised at how unpopular Churchill was and how long it took him to finally become prime minister, but the doctrine of Appeasement was so strong at that time.

The book reads easily, and it’s entertaining to learn of Churchill’s eccentricities–especially that he had trouble retaining his maids because he liked to roam his house unencumbered by clothes. It is rather long, however, and the chapters are especially long so that if you lose your place, it can be difficult to find it again. But if you like biography as much as I do, it’s definitely worth your time.


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