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Thaddeus Stevens (Civil War America)

English: Thaddeus Stevens

English: Thaddeus Stevens (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This biography addresses the life of one of our most celebrated statesman, Thaddeus Stevens. Author Hans L. Trefousse thoroughly discusses the life of America’s most prominent congressmen. Steven’s was born in Vermont.Because of his club foot, Stevens could not participate in sports. For this reason, his mother wanted him to have the best education available. She sent him to private school, at which he excelled, and he eventually went to Dartmouth College to study a classical education. After college, Stevens pursued a study in law, and he moved to Pennsylvania.

Stevens first moved to York, then Lancaster, and finally set up a law practice in Gettysburg, where he eventually settled. Politically, Stevens was anti-Mason, a Whig and later a Republican, While in Gettysburg, he ran for state legislature and founded the Pennsylvania free public education system as well as Gettysburg College. This is why so many public schools are named after him. In addition to being a proponent of education, Stevens played an integral part in passing the Thirteenth Amendment, freeing the slaves, and he also favored free trade, which helped the North win the Civil War.

I highly recommend this book. It is a thorough study of one of our most celebrated congressmen. Stevens’ life should serve as a beacon to all who seek public office, and indeed should be an example of statesmanship to our congressmen today.


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